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Adelphi University welcomes the Class of 2020—its largest freshman class in 120 years with approximately 1,200 freshmen enrolled.

The top three declared freshman majors are:

    •         Nursing    

    •     Biology    

    • Psychology

The Class of 2020 hails from 23 states and 13 countries:


New York, New Jersey, California, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Florida, Maryland, Texas, Virginia, New Hampshire, Georgia, Maine, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Vermont, Delaware, Hawaii, Michigan, North Dakota, Ohio, Rhode Island


South Korea, Canada, Argentina, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, China, Cyprus, Ethiopia, France, Ghana, Guyana, Spain, Taiwan

Adelphi Class of 2020 represents a diverse range of ethnicities:


Codes for Freshman Applicants

  • Adelphi University’s Profile or College Board Code: 2003
  • FAFSA or U.S. Department of Education Code: 002666

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