Graduate Admissions

For Transfer Students


Thinking of making a change to Adelphi University? 

We support your decision—and your process. Here are some of the admissions requirements that you must consider, whether you’re a graduate or an undergraduate student.

  • First, Adelphi applicants must submit official college transcripts of all work, whether completed or in progress, from all colleges and universities attended.
  • We will be looking for evidence of achievement—work of high quality. Transfer students who have completed less than 30 college credits must submit an official high school transcript.
  • All requests for advanced standing credit must be made at the time of admission, before registering for courses here. Further, all requests must be supported by official transcripts.
  • Transcripts from students admitted directly from regionally accredited two-year colleges will be evaluated on a course-by-course basis.
  • Any official transcript from another four-year college or university will be evaluated by our Office of University Admissions, and that evaluation is sent to the Office of the University Registrar, where it is recorded on the permanent Adelphi University record.
  • Students transferring from an associate degree program at a regionally accredited college may transfer a maximum of 64 credits (with or without an associate degree).
  • Any student enrolled in a baccalaureate program at another four-year institution is eligible for a maximum of 90 credits.
  • We do require that any student’s last 30 hours of college work be completed in residence.
  • Interviews may be required for transfer students interested in social work.
  • Some majors require that students complete a greater percentage of their work at Adelphi.
  • The maximum number of credits a student may receive from Advanced Placement tests offered by the College Board is 30 credits.
  • Transfer students entering the University with 60 credits or more are required to declare a major at the time of matriculation. Students must consult with an academic adviser in the appropriate academic unit to determine if their transfer credits will be applicable to their major.
  • Adelphi University will transfer all appropriate and comparable courses undertaken by transfer students in the past 10 years at regionally accredited junior or senior colleges. Grades of A, B or C earned in these courses will be accepted for credit.
  • College credit earned prior to 10 years ago will be evaluated on an individual basis. Grade points for courses in which grades of A, B or C have been earned are not transferred to the permanent Adelphi University record, nor are they included in the Adelphi cumulative GPA.
  • Credit may be granted for appropriate courses taken under the direction of the United States Armed Forces Institute, but only if such courses were given under the supervision of a fully regionally accredited, two- or four-year degree-granting college or university.
  • For veterans enrolled in University College, credit may be granted for courses completed in service schools if the content of such courses is applicable to the degree requirements of the University and if the individual’s record of accomplishment in such courses has been properly authenticated.
  • In general, the recommendations of the American Council on Education, as published in the Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services, are followed where appropriate in the evaluation of service training for students in University College’s baccalaureate program.

For more specific information for  graduate students interested in transferring to Adelphi, please contact:

Adelphi University
Office of Graduate Admissions
One South Avenue
P.O. Box 701
Garden City, NY 11530-0701

p – 800.ADELPHI
p – 516.877.3050
f – 516.877.3039
e –


For further information, please contact:

Office of Transfer Admissions
p – 800.ADELPHI
e –
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