Life at Adelphi for Transfer Students

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 We make it easy to transfer your credits

Quickly find out if your credits will transfer to Adelphi. Start with our online Transfer Evaluation System, or TES, to get an idea of how course equivalencies from your current institution will transfer to Adelphi.

Our dedicated transfer admissions counselors will then evaluate your transcript to determine which of your credits will transfer to Adelphi. We will accept up to 64 credits from an accredited community college and up to 90 credits from an accredited senior college.



 We support your success

We offer transfer scholarships and talent awards to help you flourish at Adelphi. All told, almost 83 percent of full-time transfer students receive University-based grants and scholarships.

Tau Sigma, a national honor society for transfer students, also offers scholarships and leadership opportunities—and hosts fun campus events throughout the year.

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You’re part of our community—even before you start classes

Whether you transfer to Adelphi in the fall or spring, you’ll be able to attend a Transfer Transition orientation program. You’ll meet other transfer students and learn about our academic programs, co-curricular activities and transfer student services.

Our Transfer Ambassadors—student leaders who transferred to Adelphi—are here to support you in person and through our Facebook page that’s accessible only to transfer students.ace Holder

Jump-start your career

Our location in the New York metropolitan area means you’ll have numerous internship opportunities to choose from. Many of these internships—whether with businesses, hospitals, agencies or nonprofit organizations—are paid positions. And all of them offer valuable hands-on preprofessional experience.

You’ll also connect with an alumni network of more than 100,000 Panthers that’s a great source of opportunities—and advice—during your college years and beyond.  


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