First-Year Applicants: How to Apply to Adelphi

All applicants are given careful consideration for admission to Adelphi University.

The University conducts a holistic evaluation on all documents submitted for review. Exemptions and additional requirements are determined on a case by case basis by the Office of University Admissions.

The Admissions Committee looks forward to reviewing your application for admission to our Panther community!

  Be sure to submit your application materials on time. Review our deadlines and early action instructions.

Required Credentials for First-Year Applicants

A completed undergraduate application for admission. The Adelphi Application, the Common Application, and the Coalition Application are accepted by Adelphi University for first-year applicants. Please submit whichever application best suits your needs.

Adelphi Application      Common Application      Coalition Application

A nonrefundable application fee of $40.

A personal statement or essay. You are encouraged to submit, in 500 words or less, a response to one of the provided questions or a topic of your choice. You may submit a report or paper you have written during the current school year if needed.

Official high school transcripts. Adelphi applicants must be graduates of a recognized four-year high school or academy or must offer acceptable evidence of official equivalent preparation. We prefer first-year who have successfully completed a minimum of 16 academic units. Every applicant is considered, however, on the basis of his or her individual academic record and cocurricular activities.

We recommend completion of the following academic units:

  • English (4 units)
  • Science (3 units) (General science may be included)
  • Mathematics (3 units)
  • Foreign language (2–3 units)
  • Additional units to be chosen from history, social studies and the above fields (4 units)

Records of any Advanced Placement course work completed in high school must also be submitted in order to earn college credit.
Learn more about Advanced Placement.

Official copies of your score on the required SAT or the American College Test, ACT (Please note that the Essay section of the SAT and the Writing section of the ACT are optional). If these scores do not appear on the official high school transcript, you must arrange for us to receive them directly from the appropriate educational testing service. For students intending to enroll in the General Studies or Learning Resource programs, SAT scores are highly recommended and expected to be provided upon request.

Codes for First-Year Applicants

  • Adelphi University’s Profile or College Board Code: 2003
  • Adelphi University’s ACT Code: 2664

*Students who have obtained a General Equivalency Diploma (GED) and who have been out of high school for one year or more will not be required to take the SAT or ACT (unless specifically requested to do so).

One or more letters of recommendation from a guidance/college counselor, teacher or school-based administrator. Letters from other sources, such as a volunteer coordinator, may also be considered.

Optional Supplemental Items

An admissions interview can be scheduled with Admissions upon request. For Honors College applicants, if you are selected as a candidate for the program,  you will be asked to complete an in-person or phone interview for formal consideration.
Résumé strongly recommended for all students.
ZeeMee (optional)
At Adelphi, we want to get to know our applicants. That’s why we’ve partnered with ZeeMee, a free service that lets you easily add short videos and photos to your college application. Through ZeeMee, you can tell us more about your interests, accomplishments, and challenges you’ve overcome, both inside and outside the classroom. Create your profile and paste your link into your application when prompted. Submitting a profile is completely optional, but fun way to share your story with us.

Requirements for Homeschool Students

All applicants regardless of enrollment in a high school or a homeschool program will be given careful consideration for admission. Below are the basic admission requirements:

Academic record of coursework

Level of achievement (grade-point average)
Standardized Testing (SAT or ACT)
College level coursework credentials (if college coursework is completed/in progress)
Proof of graduation: high school diploma, diploma from an organization governed by a State
Board of Education, or Graduate Equivalency Diploma (GED)*
*For high school seniors, proof of graduation is not required when applying; however, verification of graduation must be submitted prior to enrollment. Students in homeschool programs must submit proof of high school graduation in the form of a diploma from a state-recognized homeschool agency, a letter from a local school district verifying graduation, or a copy of the GED or TASC transcript. Documents that serve as “Proof of high school graduation” will vary and are subject to individual state guidelines.

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